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Frequently Asked Questions

We have made registration completely free to ease the process.

You can start mining immediately you make a deposit.


We explain better here

MetaSphere ’ Corporate Office is located at 16 B LE FRAMBOURG LA CLUSE-ET-MIJOUX 25300 DOUBS FRANCE

MetaSphere has operations and development activities in France, Canada, United States, United Kingdom, and Argentina.

You can buy or sell shares of MetaSphere common stock through any registered broker dealer or by using an online mining account.

No, MetaSphere does not sell Bitcoin to the public. Once Bitcoin is mined, the company keeps it as digital assets, or as needed, they are exchanged for U.S. dollars through reputable and established cryptocurrency trading platforms.

You can deposit USDT here.

The company’s fiscal year end is December 31.

You can trade any form of cryptocurrency verified by Mining Bux on our platform. to check if a currency is verified, please chat our live support.

First of all, make sure you paid the full amount as in the order. When paying, do not forget about the commission for a network transaction. If you paid in full, but the order is not active, please contact our support service.